Make it yourself – CSS

October 11, 2014

Using plugins is a great way to build fast and I use plugins quite a bit on projects, because I don’t want to reinvent the wheel every time.

That being said I find using plugins for CSS hovers and small JavaScript animations to be a waste of time. Because they’re already designed and coded, you have to spend time changing styles or hacking plugin files to get them to work. The end result is kind of sloppy.

Building animations in CSS and JavaScript can help you think through a problem and push your knowledge to knew levels. Building out these effects yourself can also provide a simpler solution compared to a bulky plugin. It will also be a custom solution that fits the sites brand and you won’t have to hack it to hell and back to make it work the way you want. Developing custom solutions is also great for reuse on future projects. Through reuse you can refine your code and simplify it even further.

It really depends on your skill level with CSS and JavaScript, it’s certainly ok to use them regardless, I’m being sarcastic when I say you shouldn’t. It is important that you know how those animations work prior to using them though. Learn how to build it yourself and you can keep your coding skills fresh and up to date.

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